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England 2007 Hemsby Rockabilly Weekender

Most weekenders throw up an act that is unknown to myself, but whose performance was/is breathtaking. The opening main hall act was this weekenders contribution to that genre. From Cincinnati, the four piece Stardevils came, performed and conquered. It was apparent from the outset that these guys possessed a fine musical styling, had great stage presence and were excellent musicians and vocalists. Mixing in a good balance of originals and covers, they quickly commanded the audiences attention with Jello Sal, Off My Rocker and Red Hot RidingHood.

The lead guitarist was also a fine steel guitar player as he demonstrated whilst the band performed Leaving Chicago ,Biscuit Eatin' Baby and Buckboard Boogie. Other standouts in a sparkling show were fine interpretations of Johnny HortonsI'm Coming Home, Joe Pooveys Move Around and Warren Smiths Miss Froggie. Equally enjoyable were Kitty Kat Bop, Bobbi Jean,Cat Daddy and Cinthyanna. The lead singer moved around the stage, using it to advantage and occasionally kicked the drummers cymbal in perfect time. Hopefully, the band will be back on British soil before not too long.

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Europe

StarDevils- "The Devils Music"
Killer Release!
author: DJ Wildgoner

Hi, it“s DJ Wildgoner from good ole“Germany. This is a top- notch relase of high-octane authenic Rockabilly every hepcat will dig! There“s not a singel weak track and lots of stuff that you will hear at rockin“clubs worldwide. For sure one of the best authentic Rockabilly releases this year!


STARDEVILS, The Devils Music

" Widely popular group the Star Devils are back with their second release "The Devils Music". This upbeat group of rockabilly aficionados has retained the same line-up as their first release…no small feat for an industry that's so tough to make it in! Taking a break from their busy schedule, the boys found time to record this CD live at the Rockabilly Ranch.

On their sophomore release, the Star Devils have gone with a little heavier sound and rockin' style with songs like "Red Hot Ridinghood", "Kat Daddy" and "Off My Rocker". Lot's of hiccup and smokin' guitar! Don't worry, they've also got some nice hillbilly style cuts in there like "Buckboard Boogie" (nice steel guitar!), "Leaving Chicago" and "Pacific Moon" (nice ballad). All eleven tracks o­n the CD were penned by the band themselves! An all around rockin' good time, "The Devils Music" is sure to make even the tamest of people get a little bad!!!"


Planet Rockabilly


"If Rockabilly ever hits the mainstream,the STARDEVILS will be superstars!These guys flat kick ass... whether on cd or in person. The STARDEVILS are one of the few bands....that can actually get Rodders to stop talking hot rods and listen intently to their music....I bet I've played it (their CD)over a hundred times .It's that good...If you ever get the opportunity to see these guys,go!..In the meantime grab their CD and play it over and over again.

Alan Mayes
Old Skool Rodz magazine #9 May 2005

Stardevils' Diagnosis Dee-licious

"Very yummy,13 slices of excellent authentic Rockabilly with a side order of Rockin' Hillbilly and Honky Tonk.This quartet was one of my favorite discoveries at the VLV weekender.With mile high guitar player David Rhodes Brown who has his licks down and doubles on steel guitar and the energetic Lance Kaufman on vocals the Stardevils dish up a feast of 2 1/2 minute rockers and boppers...Witty...Great!...with sizzling guitar,...slapping bass,dominating steel guitar and of course Lance's charismatic vocals,who nails every song with his great southern twang."

GBM-Blue Suede News 2004


The Star Devils - "Diagnosis Delicious"

"The Star Devils are a four piece traditional rockabilly and boppin' hillbilly band, that has been rockin' .. for the past couple of years. With their debut CD, they are poised on breaking out into the wide world of rockabilly. With a real electrified country sound, "Diagnosis Delicious" was recorded in the old fashioned way......live!!! They've managed to capture the magical energy that floats around when four fellas start to bangin', twangin' and croonin' at the same time.

The sound quality is quite good on this self-produced disc and the playing is exceptional. I've seen these fellas a couple of times and they really get the point of the music! What's that you say? That's right, the tracks on this CD are geared toward that old mating ritual we humans call dancing. Throw in some smooth vocals, phenomenal guitar/steel guitar with a solid rhythm section and you've got the formula for a good time. My favorites ośn the CD are the humorous tale of barbershop mishaps "Six Dollar Special" and the rise to fame in "Mr. Lonesome". Be sure to check them out at VLV next April."

Matfink@ Planet Rockabilly


" Go figure! I missed the last two years of David Loehr's popular rockabilly festival, "Rockabilly Rebel Weekend", in Indianapolis and look what happens: I listened to a new CD by the Stardevils, enjoyed it so much, I would love to see these guys in person, and then find out they played at both of the Rockabilly Rebel Weekends that I had missed.

" To tide me over until I can catch their act live, the Stardevils' recently released "Diagnosis Dee-Licious" is a great introduction to these scintillating swingers from KY.

" You can tell that this is a high-energy band just from listening to them, and their 13-song CD on Kat-Tone Records yields over 37 minutes of fun and joy. Mostly up-tempo rockabilly, the Stardevils are quite capable of infusing a bit of twang ("Six Dollar Trim", "Mr. Lonesome"), but make no mistake about it: the Stardevils are a real rockabilly band. If you don't believe me, just listen to Lance Kaufman's hiccupping vocals on "It Ain't Right", "She's My Chick" and "Sweetest Thang". Good grooves guys!

May 2004
Barry Klein
Rockabilly Hall of Fame

I end up in Cleveland for the Wane Hancock show on January 30th. Opening for him was.. the Star Devils. This was the first time I saw them, and damn if they didn't impress the hell out of me. They played traditional rockabilly and western swing with a good singer who had just the right amount of reverb on the mic. Their lead guitar player is an older gentleman who doubles on the steel, and plays both exceptionally well. They kept the mood lively, never dull, and I gotta say, I'd put em up against any of the bigger acts of the same ilk. Great music.

Rock N Roll Purgatory Issue 13 2004


The Star Devils

"Diagnosis Dee-licious"

Hip Hip Hooray for steel guitar! These guys are a traditional rockabilly/country/honky tonk group that writes worthwhile originals and lays off the covers. At least 11 of the 13 tracks are their own compositions, which is pretty refreshing in this day and age of compulsive 20 Flight Rock covers. These guys are fabulous musicians and songwriters who make me tremble and swoon like a teenaged girl. Sincerity is an important factor here too, as this group comes off as truly enjoying what they do and aren't some knock-off poser group. Some of my favorite tracks are Six Dollar Trim, Falling Apart, and I Guess You Figured Out. I like this a lot, and you will too or else my name is mud. -Lisa

Rock N Roll Purgatory


STAR DEVILS Diagnosis Dee-Licious
on Kat-tone Records

"Rockabilly kings deliver a twangin' good time on disc, with a lucky 13 songs guaranteed to turn thanksgiving into a 50's sock hop.

Fronted by versatile Singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Lance Kaufman and fearturing roots veteran David Rhodes Brown on guitar and non-pedal steel, the StarDevils cover all the hillbilly bases, circa 1955, without a trace of camp or tried nostalgia.

The set opens with Kaufman hiccupping through his tribute to Eddie Cochran, " Counting Sheep," and closes with the minor key, Hank Williams-styled "falling Apart."

Kaufman wrote the bulk of the material, and he has his genres down pat. This band could have toured back in the day with either Carl Perkins or Carl Smith and fit right in.

Propelled by Steve Buckles muscular bass slapping and Greg Schramm's restrained drumming, this is state-of-the-revival rockabilly, a musical 57 Chevy."

Larry Nager, The Cincinnati Enquirer 03 __________________________________________________

"Jammin' bands draw youthful crowd

It was Pepsi Jammin' on Main: The Next Generation, as Cincinnati's biggest all-music street festival returned Friday night .

The red-hot StarDevils were a standout, as the quartet proved itself to be the best-ever local rockabilly revival outfit. Estimated Friday's attendance at 25,000."

Larry Nager/May 11, 2002 The Cincinnati Enquirer


" StarDevils! These young greasy rockabilly mechanics have a hopped-up authentic 50's sound that turns heads and makes feet itch to dance ! After their stellar performance at this years Indy rockabilly weekender , the StarDevils have been fielding offers to appear all over the country. We got lucky and landed a coveted apperance from these rockin' cats . They'll be unleashing cuts from their essential debut release Diagnosis Dee-Licious ! as well as other gear - jamming cuts. Incediary , marvelous and astonishing are just some of the milder adjectives used to describe this band's swingin' sound. Do yourself a favor and be in the front row when Lance and his boys peel out in a blaze of demonic smoke ! Like a hellspawned comet , these fellas burn bright and fast: Don't miss the StarDevils !"

DJ Del Villarreal - WCBN's Aztec Werewolf Aug. /2002